Thank you for visiting   AMERICAN RVEst. 1991 

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Howard, Emily & Ben Gallios wrote:

Hi, you all!

Dealing with our R.V. problems was tough but you all hung in there and got everything working great!  You're

good people and it was refreshing to get to know you and do business with you all.

​What goes around comes around, they say, & we wish you success and prosperity.

Jay & Deanna Piska wrote: To Good Sam Highway Magazine

Recently when getting ready to leave the RV Park we were not able to empty our black water tank.  

We needed help.  At that time it was recommended we talk to American RV of Boerne, TX 78006 

Roger & Pat Sullivan, owners and operators.  They told me either the slide or the cable was broke and they weren't capable of handling the sewage.  They contacted the Sunnybrook Dealer and let me use their phone to try to get an

appointment.  I was told they were booked for the next 22 days.  

At this point Roger said he would come to the campground and take a look at it.  He appeared right after lunch

with a helper and within 30 minutes had diagnosed and solved our problem.  

When I asked how much I owed him, he said I can't take any money for this.  

The least I can do is to make him and his company better known 

for the service give above and beyond the call.  Hopefully you will put this in your Highway magazine letter

section for other campers in the San Antonio/Boerne Texas area.

Walt & Marge Brauer wrote:

With Special Thanks, This extra-special thank-you note sent to you today holds more appreciation than any words can say.  For you're among the nicest people we have every know, And you'll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you've shown.  Thanks for Everything


Albert Velasco wrote:

We were delighted with the way the sale of our Holiday Rambler was handled by you.  

In less than two months you had sold it for the upper limit of our price range.  You did everything you said you would and all this without a formal contract between us, you are a man of your word, a rare commodity in today's business world.  Thank you for the flawless sale.  

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Laura Fullerton wrote:

Thank you all so much for your help during the past two weeks with getting my Daddy

set up in the travel trailer.  Your kindness, generosity, knowledge and skill

have been appreciated more than you'll ever know.

About Us

Est. 1991
Family run business with old fashioned values
39390 IH 10 West, Boerne, TX 78006
830-816-1234     830-249-7906 Fax

ROGER & PAT SULLIVAN opened American RV in October 1991 

in the small German town of Boerne in the Beautiful Texas Hill County.

Roger has over 40 years Automotive & Recreational Vehicle repair & management experience.  Since 1973 he worked his way from a Chevrolet line mechanic with a San Antonio dealership

to the Parts & Service Director of the Motor Home store with the same dealer, over a span of 17 years.

Pat has over 30 years experience in Customer Relations, Bookkeeping & Sales.

We also can get your Classic Car or Truck up and running or restored. 

Let us make it a dependable running vehicle so you can enjoy driving it around the Countryside.

Patti & Peter Best wrote:

Hey Everybody:  Just wanted to thank all of your for your efforts in getting Pete & I back on the road.  

Thanks Pat for the conversation, Mike for the road tests, Roger for letting us stay over-nite on the grounds and especially to Jim for his timeless works.  He took our wheel off & put it back on about 

3 or 4 times & never got angry & always explained what he was doing or answered any questions we had.

If in the area again & need help, we'll use your services again and definitely recommend you to anyone. 

Thanks again & good luck.  2001 Storm Caliper & Seal Job.

Ed Casburn wrote:

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciated your help by coming by coming out in the rain to get my RV going again.  We just returned; had a good trip with no problems.  Have a nice dinner on us as a way of saying "Thank You!"

Our People Make The Difference

************ We are PROUD Of What We Do! ************


C.J. Weichold wrote: To Good Sam Trailer Life Magazine

Please share with Trailer Life subscribers:  If you are in the San Antonio or Texas Hill County and require RV

repair, highly recommend American RV in Boerne, TX.  Recently while in the San Antonio area, I required RV

repair.  Two service techs came out and failed to diagnose the problem.  

Upon recommendation of a friend, called American RV in Boerne, TX.  

They promptly responded, diagnosed the problem and corrected it.  

It is refreshing to deal with a business with such professionalism and high standards.


Ceclia & Max The PKD Road Warriors wrote:

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know we did make it to San Diego.  Also, wanted to thank you for being so kind to Max (My Dalmation) & I when our cross country trip was interrupted by a break down.  Your friendly

hospitality went a long way... so Thanks!

Loren & Carol Hall CARIBBEAN COWBOY RV RESORT wrote:

Thank you for your time and energy helping us promote the Caribbean Cowboy RV Resort.  Whether your efforts involve handing out brochures & business cards or perhaps just a few positive words to a traveler who might be

​looking for a RV site, we appreciate all that you do.

Jeff Thompson, SummitTrek Executive Board wrote:

After experiencing 10 months of frustration with our RV manufacturer and Dealer service department; and tremendous inconvenience brought on by one problem after another, my wife and I were ready to exit the RV world.  This brand new high dollar class B+, our " Freedom Machine", had sucked the fun right out of our lives.  So, we decided to give American RV a try ... and what a difference!  You can believe everything you read on their very simple website... especially the "family run with old fashion Values" part, and the "our people make the difference" part.  Add to that professionalism, and technical expertise, and you get a customer experience that exceeds expectations!  American RV told us up front that they don't do warranty work on new RV's... too much of a hassle, so we would have to pay them directly and deal with the warranty department ourselves.  Not a problem, even the warranty people were impressed... we received a 100% refund and permission to take it back to American RV the next time.  The Freedom machine is back on the road... thanks to American RV!


C.J. Weichold wrote:

Thank you so much for the prompt, professional, courteous service in the repair of my R.V.  It is refreshing to encounter a business these days with such high standards and integrity.


Diana Leonard wrote:

I would like to express my thanks to you for the wonderful repair job your company did on our trailer. I am so glad we found a company with integrity and high quality of customer service. My husband and I, as you know, initially went to a well known dealer for an estimate and the representative there made his own analysis of the repairs needed and declared our trailer totaled before the adjuster came to give their estimate. Not only did your company take care of our trailer, but I felt that we have made new friends. I will definitely refer my friends and family as well as fellow RVers to your company. Thank you again for all you did.